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Главная » 2011 » Октябрь » 6 » Verne Global opens its Iceland based carbon neutral data center
Verne Global opens its Iceland based carbon neutral data center
Автор: Ambrose McNevin
Опубликовано: 05.10.2011
Источник: www.datacenterdynamics.com

UK based Verne Global officially opened its colocation service on its 18-hectacre campus in Keflavik, Iceland. 

The firm said it is 100% carbon neutral, drawing commercial power from Iceland’s dual-sourced renewable energy power grid and utilising Iceland’s ambient temperatures to provide free cooling. 

Managed services supplier Datapipe, was announced as one of the first customers to have a presence at the site.   

Jeff Monroe, CEO of Verne Global, said: “We have designed a flexible, dynamic solution that answers the need for both high capacity computing and cost management.”

"Designed to support almost any data center power requirement, from racks to megawatts, Verne Global’s dynamic approach enables its customers to quickly meet the changing needs of their business – a high value benefit when compared to more traditional, static data center approaches," the firm said in a statement.  

Verne aerial
A sunny day in Iceland, Verne Global, from the air

Robb Allen, CEO of Datapipe, said: “Power and cooling efficiencies combined with the strategic geographic location will provide our clients with an option for carbon neutral, enterprise ready IT services and a 100% green cloud.”   

Verne recently announced Colt Data Center Services as  supplier of its modular data center. The Colt data center was customised to offer chillerless cooling allowed Verne Global to gain rapid entry into the colocation business.

The company is claiming its access to 100% renewable power make it unique in the colocation industry. 

“Power remains one of the primary concerns for corporate IT managers as they evaluate their data centre needs and options going forward in terms of availability, cost and environmental impact,” said Katie Broderick, Senior Research Analyst, Servers and Datacenters, IDC. “Renewable power will continue to play an important role and, as the market evolves, Verne Global’s ability to source an abundant supply, coupled with the added benefit of free cooling, will present a compelling availability, cost and environmental advantage in the marketplace for companies looking to expand their data centre operations.”

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