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Главная » 2010 » Июль » 28 » HP claims PUE of 1.18 for its new modular data center design
HP claims PUE of 1.18 for its new modular data center design
Опубликовано: 27.07.2010
Источник: www.datacenterdynamics.com

Each 'butterfly' consists of four 500-600 sq m centrally connected data center modules

HP says its new “ultra-modular” approach to data center design will enable 50-percent capital-cost savings associated with design and construction, in addition to dramatic reductions energy cost and deployment time. All of that also comes with a PUE of 1.18.

The company’s new “butterfly” design, unveiled Tuesday, consists of four prefabricated data center modules connected to a central administrative section. With 800kW per module, each butterfly delivers a total of 3.2MW of critical load.

“Clients, such as financial service providers, government entities and cloud and colocation hosts, will find the scalable and modular nature of HP Flexible DC a compelling option,” Kfir Godrich, CTO of HP’s Technology Services, said. “We are already talking to several people from government and the financial space about setting these up. With our four (flexible data centers) we think we are able to cater for most of the world.”

The patent-pending solution, called HP Flexible Data Center, or Flexible DC, is available now, with pricing varying according to location and implementation.

With four modules, a Flexible DC offers a total of 3.2MW of critical load

HP Critical Facilities Services, which delivers the Flexible DC, offers three electrical topology options: N Single utility source, N+1 UPS and 2N UPS. There is a variety of UPS options, including rotary, flywheel, offline, double conversion and delta conversion systems. According to HP, the offline UPS is the most efficient system, offering about 98 percent efficiency.

The system received power at medium voltage and transforms it directly to a server voltage of 415V/240V, reducing PDU transformer losses and the amount of electrical equipment required. There are no PDU’s within the sever room.

Power and water savings are also achieved by using air-cooled mechanical systems. The cooling design includes air-to-air heat exchangers with direct expansion refrigeration system. It employs indirect evaporation air-to-air heat exchangers with Dx assist and direct evaporation and heat transfer wheel with Dx assist.

Server rooms are arranged in a hot-aisle-contained configuration, with no raised floors.

According to HP, at $0.08 per kW, a 3.2MW Flexible DC will require about $2.6m in annual electricity cost.

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