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Emerson Unveils Liebert DSE Cooling Unit
Автор: Rich Miller
Опубликовано: 13.09.2011
Источник: www.datacenterknowledge.com

Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert DSE, an updated version of its popular Liebert DS computer room air conditioning (CRAC) system that can integrate free cooling concepts to reduce the system’s energy use.

The new DSE cooling system from Emerson Network Power, which was introduced Monday at Data Center World.

The Liebert DSE incorporates an EconoPhase option that takes advantage of cool outside air to reduce cooling costs, but doesn’t use traditional air economization, which introduced cool filtered air directly into the data center. EconoPhase uses outside air to cool refrigerant within a cooling loop , allowing the system to use the same refrigerant circuit, coils and condenser in both economizer and non-economizer modes.

“The EconoPhase economizer is like no other in the industry,” said Steve Madara, VP/general manager of Emerson Network Power’s Liebert global precision cooling business. “It is derived from knowledge and experience gained with our innovative Liebert XD system introduced in 2003. Pairing the Liebert DSE with the new EconoPhase pumped refrigerant economizer creates the industry’s most energy efficient room-based precision cooling unit, while providing a highly sustainable cooling solution that avoids introducing direct outside air or complex mechanical economizer transitions.”

Emerson says the EconoPhase approach substitutes a refrigerant pumping system for the intake and exhaust fans commonly used in air economization systems. The pumps use less energy than the fans, the company says.

The Liebert DSE also uses the new condenser platform, the Liebert MC, that features a micro-channel cooling coil design, EC (electronically commutated) axial fans and an ability to communicate with the indoor unit to optimize total system efficiency.

The product was announced Monday at the Data Center World conference in Orlando, and currently is shipping to select customers in North America, with full production release for all global regions for mid-2012.

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