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Главная » 2010 » Август » 5 » APC adds two new series of data center PDU products
APC adds two new series of data center PDU products
Опубликовано: 04.08.2010
Источник: www.datacenterdynamics.com

American Power Conversion Corp., a supplier of electrical-infrastructure equipment owned by Schneider Electric, has expanded two lines of its data center PDU products, adding 19 new models. The new AP8800 Metered Rack PDU series and AP8900 Switched Rack PDU series build on capabilities of existing products, adding new features.

With the new models APC aimed to increase power-capacity management capabilities for IT and facilities managers, adding real-power measurement and environmental monitoring.

“More data center managers are starting to look at energy as a productive asset, and they need the tools to be able to help maximize the resources at hand,” Christian Bertrand, an APC vice president, said in a statement.

The new AP8800 rack PDU’s offer real-time remote load monitoring, as well as capability for advanced notifications – through user-defined criteria – of critical failures. AP8900 rack PDU’s provide real-time load monitoring and remote on/off control of individual power outlets.

All new products add active power metering and remote alarming with volts, amps and real-power and energy measurements to the existing capabilities.

The new metered Rack PDU’s are available immediately and the new Switched Rack products will be available in the third quarter.

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