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TechWise TV Tours Cisco's Allen, Texas Data Center
06.06.2011, 10:48
Автор: John Rath
Опубликовано: 06.06.2011
Источник: datacenterlinks.blogspot.com

Last week Cisco released a really nice TechWise TV tour of their new Allen, Texas data center. First of all - Kudos to Cisco for explaining this level of detail about their new designs. Although much of what they showcase as cutting edge design methods are just that - they are things I've seen recently pop up in a number of other presentations about new data centers being built by Colo's, REIT's, etc.

Extra credit to Cisco for making it a 720p video :)

I always notice the brands used within the data center, and as such, here is what I saw in their video:
  • Panduit cabinet infrastructure products
  • Eaton power equipment
  • Omni-ID products used for RFID tracking of equipment
  • Trane Chillers
  • Dolphin Water Care - water treatment
  • EuroDiesel
They have created this interactive tour as well to walk through the various components of the data center.

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