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Half of all data centers using economizers
15.10.2011, 10:10
Автор: Ambrose McNevin
Опубликовано: 13.10.2011
Источник: www.datacenterdynamics.com

Half of data centers are now using air side economizers found Green Grid research of managers running facilities of at least 2,500 sq ft.  
In research released publicly for the first time 49 per cent of data centers said they are now using economisers to achieve cost and energy reductions.

The Green Grid said the use of economisers has reached a tipping point, with half of respondents saying that they already used them and a further 24 per cent considering their use in the near future.

green grid findings economizers
“We were not expecting such a high adoption figure when we began this research” said Mark Monroe, Executive Director of The Green Grid.
“What we are witnessing is a technology that is maturing far faster than previously thought. We now need to make sure that data centre managers have the tools they need to understand how and what the best economiser options are for optimum deployment.”

The facilities in question were primarily located in the United States (90%) and Europe (6%). The survey also received one response each from Australia, Canada, India, and South America.

TGG economiser fig3

Respondents’ average utility cost was U.S.$.09/kWh, and the total average power load of their primary data centers was 3,737 kW.

A large majority of respondents (87%) manage humidity inside their data centers, with the most popular type of humidifier reported as infrared (27%), followed by canister (18%), adiabatic (17%), and building steam (10%).  
The return on investment from economizer adoption is convincing, with respondents registering an average saving of 20 per cent on energy costs and 7 per cent on maintenance costs.
Mark continued “interestingly our research found that despite these impressive results more can still be achieved. Responses showed that there is an average 4,724 hours per year available in which economisers can be used effectively, however their actual use amongst the sample averaged at 3,943 hours or 80 per cent of the time.”

tgg figs for economisers 
Concerns remain over switching over between economiser and mechanical cooling systems and maintenance of the economiser itself. Moving forward, we need to look at how we can tighten the transition between economiser and mechanical cooling technology and shorten required maintenance time.
The most significant barriers to change include difficulty in retrofitting existing facilities, reliability concerns and initial deployment costs.

Satisfaction levels indicated by the survey suggest that any challenges are worth it with 8 out of ten people saying that they would recommend their specific type of economiser to others.

The online survey included approximately 36 questions and was fully completed by 115 participants (a 9.11% margin of error at a 95% confidence level). Respondents had to be “somewhat familiar” (22%) or “very familiar” (78%) with their data centers’ cooling and operation systems to participate in the survey.

Half of the respondents identified themselves as either facilities managers or holding both IT and facilities responsibilities.
The other participants represented a mix of those in engineering, IT management and IT operations, consulting, executive management, and project management. 

Only those with data centers 2,500 square feet or larger were asked to participate in the survey. Approximately half of the respondents had data centers that were 2,500 to 24,999 square feet, and the other half had data centers larger than 25,000 square feet. 

Download The Green Grid White Paper 

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