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Closer Look: Eaton Opens Two New Data Centers
07.07.2011, 09:43
Автор: Rich Miller
Опубликовано: 06.07.2011
Источник: www.datacenterknowledge.com

The cabinets in the data halls in Eaton's new data center in Louisville, which use the Wright Line Heat Containment System (HCS) technology to return waste heat via the chimney (Photo credit: Eaton Corp.).

Power and cooling vendor Eaton Corporation recently opened two new data centers, located in Louisville and Simpsonville, Kentucky. The facilities showcase Eaton’s strides in energy efficiency and will upgrade the company’s global data center infrastructure. Eaton expects to realize $23 million in energy savings due to the improved efficiency of the new data centers.

Eaton has housed most of its server, storage and network infrastructure in two data centers located near Cleveland, Ohio. One of the facilities is 43 years old, the second is a third-party leased facility, and both are beginning to run short of space and power.

“Our new data centers are energy efficient by design, deploy Eaton’s most sophisticated power management technologies, and support our company’s growing data processing needs while conserving energy and water,” said Alexander M. Cutler, Eaton chairman and chief executive officer. “As a power management company, finding innovative ways to enable our customers to reduce energy costs and to use power more efficiently, effectively, and safely is central to Eaton’s mission.”

Gold LEED Certification

Eaton’s data center in Simpsonville, Kentucky received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification, as rated by the US Green Building Council. The Louisville site is expected to be certified later this summer because the two facilities are identical.

Eaton;s new facilities feature its 9395 Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and new 400V ePDU product to extend the capabilities of its UPS technology line, allowing users to run servers at 230V increasing efficiency and reducing distribution costs.

To monitor and manage energy use, Eaton deployed its Foreseer Enterprise Power Monitoring software, which works in conjunction with building management systems (BMS) to provide a comprehensive and “real time” view of the electrical, mechanical, life safety and security systems. The cabinets in the data halls feature Eaton’s Wright Line Heat Containment System (HCS) technology.

Here are photos from the new data centers:

The entrance and lobby of the data center.

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