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Brocade launches new energy efficient R&D data center (incl. video)
19.08.2010, 17:44
Опубликовано: 18.08.2010
Источник: www.datacenterdynamics.com

An equipment row in Brocade's new San Jose, California, data center. Image courtesy of Brocade

Network equipment vendor Brocade has launched a new research-and-development data center at its new headquarters campus in San Jose, California, using its own technology to collapse network layers to increase available bandwidth and simplify operations.

Brocade consolidated three R&D facilities into the new 5,000 sq ft data center, reducing physical footprint of its research labs by 30 percent and energy consumption by 37 percent, according to a news release. Reduction in energy use will eliminate 4,450 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Brocade VP of Global Real Estate, Facilities and Services Michael Hirahara said the new R&D lab was a testament to the company’s technological expertise, corporate vision and core values. “Brocade's new cutting-edge data center incorporates design features that are directly linked to our Brocade One vision -- unmatched simplicity, investment protection, non-stop networking and optimized applications,” he said in a statement.”

Using its NetIron MLX technology allowed engineers to eliminate the need for an aggregation layer in the data center’s network and to collapse access and aggregation layers into a flat Layer 2 network. In addition to reducing capital outlay and simplifying operations, connecting network edge directly to the core decreased space, power and cooling requirements in the facility.

Consolidating R&D data centers allowed Brocade to decommission about 133 kW worth of equipment (400 racks) and realize about $200,000 in yearly power-cost savings.

In the new lab, Brocade engineers increased rack density by 21 percent by using more rack space and designing new rack elevations. By not deploying a raised-floor environment, they also gained 12 percent more vertical rack space. These efforts resulted in a 20 percent reduction of rack footprint.

The cooling set-up incorporates segregation of hot and cold aisles and hot-aisle containment. It uses in-row cooling and built-in redundant fans. Each pod features automated environmental controls and energy-monitoring capabilities.

Brocade says the new data center’s PUE is 1.3.

Here is a video tour of the new Brocade data center, narrated by Michael Hirahara:

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